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Stream DVD to Roku 3 for playback

Roku 3 is the fastest, most powerful Roku player. Compared with Apple TV and Chromecast, Roku has many advantages. It enjoys more than 2,000 streaming channels offering access to 250,000+ movies and TV episodes, plus games, music, sports, and more, also can enjoy up to 1080P stunning HD video as well as Ethernet, USB, and microSD card ports. Despite of various merits, so far Roku 3 has no ability to play DVD-like sources. 

Officially, the Roku 3 only supports H.264 MKV/MP4/M4V video, meaning that’s the only media recognized over USB direct play. So, if you want to play DVD like Disney, Hollywood movies on HD TV via Roku 3, it is sensible to learn how to stream DVD to Roku with a professional and fast DVD ripper.

Luckily, there is an easy workaround to fix the issue. If you're interested in doing likewise, we have a great tutorial for you, guaranteed to play DVD movies on Roku 3 smoothly. Actually, it's not as difficult as you imagine, what you need is a just a top DVD Ripper like iFastime Video Converter Ultimate. It's easy to use for conversion and makes great quality copies of your DVDs. With it, you can convert your DVD movies to Roku 3 friendly format (H.264 MP4) for streaming to Roku 3 with fast encoding speed and high quality.

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Rip DVD to Roku 3 friendly format without hassle

STEP 1. Import DVD movies

Install and run DVD to Roku 3 Converter first. Click "Load file(s)" to import DVD movie to the software. You can preview the movie in the right window and do a snapshot for your love scene here.

STEP 2. Select output format

Click "Format" bar and choose MP4 from "Common Video" as output format, which can be recognized by Roku easily. If your source video is in 1080p and you want to keep 1080p resolution as source movie, from “Format” you can choose HD Video > H.264 HD Video(*.mp4), or H.264 High Profile Video(*.mp4) for Roku 3.

If it’s a file type not supported, you won’t see it in the browser. Check out the media file type supported by Roku:

Video: MP4 / M4V, some MOV files and MKV
Music: AAC, MP3
Photo: JPG, PNG

Tips: There are also some optional tinkering you can take to make the videos look better on a HD TV screen, such as changing the aspect ratio or specifying the video resolution. Just click the Settings icon to do it. With the right settings you can also retain the quality of the original videos. This is particularly helpful when streaming over your network, depending on your network quality. 

STEP 3. Start DVD to Roku 3 Conversion

Finally, hit the "Start conversion" button at the bottom of the main interface. This DVD to Roku 3 Converter will start encoding DVD to Roku 3 friendly MP4 video automatically. After the conversion, click "Open" to quickly find the converted movies. Now you can stream the converted videos to Roku's SD card or to a USB drive that can be attached to Roku streaming player. 

How to Play Movies on Your Roku 3 from a USB Drive

1. Add the USB Media Browser to your Roku box. Log in to your Roku account on its website and click Yes, Add Channel.

2. You’ll get the usual Channel added to lineup message. It tells you it can take up to 24 hours to add it, but in my experience, the channels are added within minutes. Alternately, add it like you would any hidden channel. Enter the code KGULU.

3. On your Roku, go to the Home Screen and you’ll see the USB Media Browser has been added. If you want easier access to the USB Media Browser app, move it in the line up. Here you can browse through video, music and photo folders that are on your USB drive.

4. Browse to the media you want to view or listen to and start playing it. 

You can also use the Roku Media Player channel to listen to music or view photos from a USB drive. Play an entire folder of music files by pressing Play on the remote while on a folder, or nDVDgate to a specific track to play only that song. For photos, you can start a slideshow by pressing play while on a folder of photos.

Now you can enjoy DVD movies with Roku 3 with ease.

Additional Option to encode DVD to Roku MP4: Handbrake

Roku DVD issue is not hard to solve as long as you find the right tool. Free download DVD Roku 3 Converter to stream DVD files to Roku to watch or play DVD on Roku right now. Furthermore, iFastime Video Converter Ultimate can also convert Roku unsupported video files or audio formats like AC3, M4A, AIFF, FLAC, 3GA, RA, OGG, M4B, QCP, VOC, SHN, CAF, APE, AU, and etc to Roku 3 supported MP3, AAC and more.

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