Saturday, February 20, 2016

Best Ways to Stream Valentine Movies

Have got a lot of Valentine Movies from some sites? What would you do if you want to stream some videos this Valentine but do not have your own TV? If you also don’t know, take it easy. This article will take you through best two ways through which you can stream your favorite Valentine movies.

Part 1. Best Two Ways to Stream Valentine Movies

Method 1. Stream Valentine Movies on Apple TV

Admittedly, the Apple TV is getting a little long in the tooth — we’d hoped to hear of a new one earlier this year, but no dice. Still, the Apple TV remains one of the best offerings on our roundup — especially if you’re already heavily-invested in any of Apples other devices or services — and the price has come down, to boot. While most essential services are supported (sorry, no Amazon Prime!) it is Apple Airplay and apps like iOS Remote that makes the Apple TV’s user experience unique. You can easily beam any content you’ve previously purchased or rented through the iTunes Store to you TV straight from the cloud, freeing your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad up to do other things. Sharing personal photos and videos from iOS devices is also easiest with the Apple TV. It may be a little old, but the Apple TV is still going strong. 

To Use AirPlay, reference the following guide:
A. Using the same Wi-Fi connection, connect your iOS device and your AirPlay Device.
B. On your iOS phone, swipe from the bottom the screen in order to open the Control center.
C. Tap Airplay
D. At this point, select the name of the device that you want to stream your video to. 

Note: Supposing you choose an AirPlay device, the video from the iOS device will play on the TV that is connected to Your Apple TV. To view the entire iOS screen on the Apple TV, Turn on Mirroring.

Method 2. Stream Valentine Movies via Netflix

With Netflix, you can instantly stream your videos without any need for download. To stream high quality videos from Netflix, there are some very important components that you need to have. This includes a broadband internet connection whose speed should be much faster.

You can now sign in with Netflix. It is just a very simple process that requires you to fill in some information. It is always free for the first one month, followed by a $7.99 monthly charge. Once you have setup your account in your computer, it will be easy to log in from your Netflix device. Find the Netflix application and launch it. Once you enter your login information, you will get a code to be entered on the Netflix website to activate the streaming. You can now stream the videos of your choice.

Part 2. Best Solution to solve can’t stream Valentine Movies

As you know, there are various kinds of Valentine movies including DVD, Blu-ray, MP4, AVI, MKV, H.265 etc, so sometimes you can’t stream Valentine movies well. Therefore, we recommed a friend - iFastime Video Converter Ultimate (Mac) which can convert Valentine movies to Apple TV, Netflix, etc supported formats for smooth streaming. 

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